Geneva Dental Testimonials

“PHENOMENAL COURSE!! I will recommend it to anyone who wants to increase predictability and success of their removable cases. Thanks for everything!!”
Adam Pershing, DDS, Tucson, AZ

“In my 38 years of general practice, the courses at the Geneva Dental Institute have been among my best learning experiences in complete denture prosthetics. They have given me a depth of understanding that has allowed me to confidently treat patients who appreciate quality, customized prostheses.”
William A. Lobel, DMD,FACD, Saugas, MA

“WOW! This changes everything!! Thanks so much!”
Scott Stewart, DDS, Lakewood, CO

“Loved the material-great patients-variety! Appreciated it more than I can express!”
Mike Nelson, DDS, Red Bluff, CA

“Just don’t deviate from all the succes of the last two days!! Thank you!”
Tim Frazer, DDS, Reno, NV

“Jack the course was great, it lit a fire under me that I have not had for removable prosthetics for many years. While I do a lot of denture work it has always been frustrating and many times non-profitable. That has now changed. Thanks again”
William L. Hoch, DMD,MBA,MAGD, Beaver, PA

“This is an amazing class! It is absolutely practical and now I am very excited about doing dentures!”
Celia Mendoza, DDS, Los Angeles CA.

“Pretty Amazing! You guys deserve success!”
James Sparaga, DMD, Machias, ME.

“Very honest and thorough course. Excellent array of instructors!! Absolutely sky rocketed my confidence in handling removable prosthetics!”
Sirisha Krishnamurthy, DDS, Folsom, CA.

“Great course! In depth instruction and demonstration, from taking impressions to post-op adjustments after delivery of full upper and lower dentures.”
Bozena Kryzak, DDS, Chicago, IL.